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Recent Case Studies 

Transformative Strategy Boosts Euro Choice Windows & Doors to $950K In Window & Door Installs

Dube Wegg, the founder of Euro Choice Windows & Doors in Toronto, found success by implementing a new client-generating strategy. This resulted in $950,000 in new window and door installations in the last 12 months, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2022, the business saw a significant increase in revenue with a record-breaking month of $467,000 of which $320,000 coming from us

Pella Windows & Doors Sees Significant Improvement 

Pella Windows & Doors, a leading home improvement company, engaged with us for their media management needs. Upon auditing their accounts, we quickly identified areas for improvement and devised a plan of action. After 1 months of revisions, we launched our campaigns which brought in sustainable profits.

ACRE Windows & Doors Sees Significant Improvement with 44% Reduction in Cost Per Lead in 4 Months

They partnered with us to focus on driving high volume of leads which we did exactly. After 5 months of scaling their social campaigns, we have taken over their search campaigns and have a bodacious goal to get to $100,000/month in budget

$500,000/months with exclusive bath & Window Leads

Install America continues to allocate more marketing dollars & the call centre fights to take Clever leads due to our authority system. We anticipate that our projected revenue for this year will surpass $5,000,000.

Transforming Coastal Exteriors: Boosting Bottom Line with Record-Breaking $356,677 in August 2022

By optimizing our landing pages, user flow, budget allocation, and sales tracking, we achieved a record-breaking month in August 2022, with total sales reaching $356,677. These improvements are projected to lead to a substantial increase in bottom-line revenue, estimated at $3.5 million.

Reborn Cabinet: $210,000 in The First 22 Days

Reborn Cabinets started strong, real strong. We are excited to update this client a year from now. We focused on making Reborn Cabinets the authority figure by capitalizing on their market footprint & excellent testimonial videos. Reborn has some big goals and we are confident we can impress them.

Remodel Canada Cash Collects $690K in Revenue with $22K in Marketing Costs

In a span of just four months, the home renovation firm was able to complete several full home renovation projects, as well as kitchen and basement remodels, while spending only $22,000.

Marketing that Works: Alenco's Journey to $450,000/Months

Alenco has raised their marketing budget with Clever for the fourth instance. By expanding both the Window and Bath campaign, while still keeping marketing costs below 15%, Alenco has expressed a desire for additional services from us to fuel their continued growth.

Unleashing Success with Clever: Dreamstyle Case Study

With marketing costs around 13%, the partnership has positioned itself for sustained prosperity as they expand their influence into new markets. Jay, the Marketing Director at Dreamstyle, is eager to pursue further growth with the assistance of Clever's marketing proficiency.

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