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Transformative Strategy Boosts Euro Choice Windows & Doors to $950K In Window & Door Installs

Dube Wegg, the founder of Euro Choice Windows & Doors in Toronto, found success by implementing a new client-generating strategy. 

This resulted in $950,000 in new window and door installations in the last 12 months, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In 2022, the business saw a significant increase in revenue with a record-breaking month of $167,000 and overall revenue of over $1.6 million. 

The company specializes in window and door installations and has been transformed into a well-oiled machine under the leadership of Dube.

Pella Windows & Doors Sees Significant Improvement 

Pella Windows & Doors, a leading home improvement company, engaged with us for their media management needs. 

Upon auditing their accounts, we quickly identified areas for improvement and devised a plan of action. 

Our approach focused on enhancing the creatives, tracking, market offering, and all the nuances involved in order to significantly reduce their cost per appointment. 

And we are proud to say that our efforts were successful.

ACRE Windows & Doors Sees Significant Improvement with 44% Reduction in Cost Per Lead in 4 Months

CRE Windows & Doors, an Andersen certified contractor, offers window and door installations in PA, NJ, and DE. 

They partnered with a marketing firm to focus on lead generation and saw impressive results - cost per lead dropped from $160 to $89 with 40% appointment set rate in 4 months. 

The market continues to be dominated and the company earned $140,000 in 2 months. 

The founder is Matthew and the Marketing Manager is Holly.

Pane-Liss Glass Soars to Success with $78,364 in New Installs in First 7 Weeks of Marketing Campaign

In just a matter of 7 weeks, Pane-Liss Glass experienced a tremendous growth in its business after launching a marketing campaign. The results were impressive, with $78,364 worth of new window and door installs generated. 

With three more deals in the pipeline, the company's founder Erik is projected to reach a top 5 return on investment among all clients, solidifying the company's position as a leader in the industry. This remarkable success continued in 2022, with Pane-Liss Glass generating over $410,000 in revenue, a testament to the company's unwavering commitment to providing high-quality services to its customers.

Transforming Coastal Exteriors: Boosting Bottom Line with Record-Breaking $356,677 in August 2022

With the help of our expertise, Coastal Exteriors saw a drastic turnaround in their marketing strategy. 

Upon discovering the shortcomings of their previous approach, we wasted no time in restructuring their marketing efforts to drive maximum results. 

Our optimizations in areas such as landing pages, user flow, budget allocation, and sales tracking led to a record-breaking month of $356,677 in August 2022 and a projected $3.5 million increase in bottom line revenue.

Remodel Canada Achieves $690K in Revenue with $22K in Marketing Costs

A full advertising strategy was launched for Remodel Canada after understanding market needs and company goals. 

In just 4 months, the home renovation company closed multiple full home renovation jobs and kitchen/basement remodels with a total marketing spend of $22,000. 

The founder, Fredi, was confident in the results of the marketing efforts, leading to a long-lasting partnership.

Marketing that Works: Alenco's Journey to $1.2M in Sales with Help from 609 Leads

Alenco Home Improvement, a specialist in windows and door installations, saw significant growth in sales within 6 months of working with our marketing team. 

By March, our bath advertising initiative helped generate 3 times more homeowner leads, resulting in 609 new leads for Alenco to choose from. 

The newfound leverage, predictability, and clarity in lead selection allowed the company to focus on larger projects and achieve their vision. In May 2022, Alenco reported over $1.2 million in sales, demonstrating the impact of our marketing efforts.

Unleashing Success with Clever: Dreamstyle Case Study

Dreamstyle, a leading provider of bath and windows solutions, recently partnered with clever to drive growth and profitability. 

The relationship began with a chance email introduction, but quickly grew into a highly successful marketing partnership. In just 2.5 months, clever became one of Dreamstyle's most profitable lead sources, resulting in a 3x return on budget. 

With marketing costs at just 6%, the partnership is poised for continued success as they dominate new markets. Jay Shah, Marketing Director at Dreamstyle, is looking forward to continued growth with the help of clever's marketing expertise.

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