Alenco Home Improvement

Total Revenue Generated for Windows: $890k
Total Revenue Generated for Bath: $400k
Total advertising Costs: $48,158
Total Return on Investment: 26.78x


  • Expand total adjustable market with new marketing channels.
  • Take prospects away from competitors by hyper targeting.
  • ​Remain extremely profitable while doing so.
  • Cost Per lead goal was $95 and Cost of Marketing was 10%. Both objectives were met.


  • Prove market offering for Windows and utilize data for Bath.
  • ​Put a focus on viral content and grab attention from prospects. 
  • ​Create a lead magnet that converts at 13%+. Put all prospects into 4-month nurturing sequence via email & SMS.


  • It took 2 months to ramp up for Windows, but 8 days for the first sale from our Bath offer.
  • $890,000 in total sales within a 5 month period.
  • Market expansion through different channels, allowing for market domination for Alenco.

Scale Your Home Improvement Business
With proven and replicable acquisition and retention strategies, combined with a team of 20 years of experience, you can undoubtedly  add an extra $500,000 to your top line. Book your demo now.

392 Total Leads and 80 Appointments as of July 2022

Disclaimer: Numbers reported are estimated totals for the Window Installation (Started Jan 2022) and Bath & Shower Remodel (Started May 22) services.

When Alenco started working with us, they wanted to scale only their window installation service, after 4 months and nearly 600k in revenue they decided it was time for us to manage their bathroom renovation marketing as well.

Alenco is finally taking over the home improvement market in Kansas, St.Louis and surrounding areas through Clever's multichannel approach.

After years of working with many agencies, lead aggregators and so much more, we broke their marketing agency records and garnered an estimated $1,290,000 in sales from these 2 services alone.

With a diverse omni channel-approach (utilizing automated emails & SMS) and a consistent and devoted call centre, we currently have a 13% conversion rate!
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