UTS Home Renovations

Total Revenue generated: $412,334
Total advertising costs: $8033
Total Return on Investment: 51.5x


  • Acquire leads whose job would gross more than $80,000
  • Collect emails and insert to a long term email sequence that continuously converts prospects over time.
  • Remain highly profitable. 


  • Offering a free 3D rendering allowed us to attract in-marketing audiences. We would advertise this on GDN, Google & FB.
  • We focused on building trust by utilizing authority-focused adverts such as before and afters, testimonials and full home transformations. 
  • Disqualify low quality leads but asking them their budget prior to phone call.


  • An incredible 40.5x Return on Money Invested (ROMI).
  • Market domination by reaching over 800,000 unique profiles in less than 7 months.
  • Jobs turned down due to high volume of work and shortage of reliable employees.

Scale Your Home Improvement Business
Clever Digital Marketing only partners with companies who can handle more than 30 appointments a month, and has at least 2 full time sales reps.

41 Jobs Closed in ONLY 7 Months!

Disclaimer: This case study should have $1,000,000+ generated rather than $412,334. UTS had limitations on new business, and can no longer facilitate all the new jobs d. We had to pause the marketing, then we relaunched a few months after once they had some availability to take on more jobs.

UTS Home Renovations was looking to dominate their market. So, with a focus on customer lead information and comprehensive follow ups, the only job our client had was to close deals, and to collect testimonials from his clients.

After being in business for 13 years, UTS home renovations had yielded the best results of the life time of their business.

Channeling new customers with paid advertising allowed them to enter a completely new market.

With 41 Closed Jobs and $412,334 in revenue in just 7 months, they became the 'Go To' home renovation company in their area.

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