Record Breaking Sales for:

Coastal Windows & Exteriors

Total Revenue Generated: $756,438
Total Advertising Costs: $51,710
Total Return on Investment: 8.5x
Cost of marketing: 6% 
Time Frame: 4.5 months


Euro Choice Windows & Doors came to us struggling to increase their lead rate. They were referred to us to scale up as they found themselves with many days where there was not enough work to keep employees busy.

Tammy and Dube weren't necessarily struggling, but in search of something that could keep their team busy every single day dealing with new prospects and jobs. From one-off homeowners to new construction partnerships, we've done it all.


When they started working with us, within the first 2 months they secured just under $178,528 in jobs (shown in video above). They have surpassed the 1.2 Million dollar mark after 20 months of working with us.

Why not more?

Great question, it's something we actually asked the team all the time.


Being in business for 22 years, Dube and Tammy have yielded their best results ever by partnering with us. Something to note, is that they were very hesitant of investing their money with us at first as they had worked with over TEN marketing firms in their lifetime and never resulted in any success.

We are proud to announce that due to their success in the current market, they will be opening and operating in south Florida by the end of 2022, and we'll be working side by side with them, dominating that market as well. 


  • Quickly learn out of all the 3 services Coastal offers, which is the most profitable.
  • Establish a Lead to Appointment set rate of 40%.
  • Solidify a Cost per Appointment of $285.


  • Advertise on Facebook and Instagram ad feed only.
  • Volume is key. We used lead forms instead of landing pages.
  • Set the frequency rate to 8 (8 ads shown per prospect).


  • An extremely profitable ad campaign with 6% Marketing Costs.
  • A 39% Appointment Set Rate.
  • Average Value per Closed Lead of $50,447.

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449 Leads and 125 Appointments as of April 27/2022!

Disclaimer: Our working relationship started 4.5 months prior to the numbers reported. As the sales cycle for this industry exceeds 3 weeks, these numbers are presumed under-reported.

Coastal Windows & Exteriors has finally cracked it. After years of trying different agencies, lead aggregators and so much more, they finally hit record sales after 2 months of partnering with us.

When they started working with us, their priority was a 25% conversion from lead to booked appointment. 

Instead we established a 39% Appointment Set Rate (14% higher than their original goal).

With a diverse omni channel-approach (utilizing automated emails, SMS, etc) and a consistent and devoted call centre, we currently have a 38% Conversion Rate.

That is 23% better than the average Conversion Rate from lead aggregators.

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